Monday, September 21, 2015

TIFF 2015: Mr. Right

One of the most fun films I saw at this year's festival, Mr. Right is a fairly typical hit man comedy featuring Sam Rockwell as Francis, a hit man who has decided that murder is wrong, so of course he starts killing his clients instead of their requested targets. Martha (Anna Kendrick) is struggling with her life after yet another terrible man lets her down. She tries to console herself with a cat at her roommate's pet grooming business, but antagonizes it into mauling both of them. She's pretty messed up.

The two bump into each other in a convenience store and he immediately asks her out in a disarmingly (sorry...) endearing way. They seem to have an immediate connection, and while he is quite open with her about what he does, she thinks he is kidding. After the initial shock of realizing he really is a hit man, she decides that works for her and goes with it.

The film is fun, silly, wacky and a good ride that doesn't let you down at the end.

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