Monday, March 22, 2010

Why I Will Never Again Shop With

I had a bad experience shopping with that I would like to share. My goal is both to prevent others from running into the same trouble, and to keep my promise to that if they didn't make things right, I would tell people what happened.

I'm starting a new business (maybe some of you have even heard of it). I needed some Point of Sale equipment to work with the software I'm using to run the gym (Rock Gym pro, which is pretty cool actually). I needed an Epson Thermal receipt printer to print receipts and an MMF cash drawer to hold the money. The two get connected by a cable so that the printer tells the cash drawer when to open (sounds a bit strange, but it's how these things work).

Somehow I managed to order the wrong version of each device. The printer I got had a parallel port but I needed USB, and the cash drawer had a serial connector and I needed an RJ12 (phone jack) to connect it to the printer. It was my mistake, though it was tricky to figure out the exact model I needed.

So I contacted to exchange the devices for the right ones. I filled out the form on their Customer Support web page, explaining that the items were misordered, and were in their original packaging, unused. Their response was that they do not accept any exchanges at all, and I'm out of luck, stuck with items I cannot use. It turns out they do have a web page that states this awful policy, but it was certainly not brought to my attention during the course of ordering from them.

So I will never do business with this company again, and I suggest any of you who need point of sale equipment or any of the other technical gear that sell find another vendor with a more reasonable policy of taking good care of their customers. Like perhaps, who wound up taking care of me to get the right version of the printer.