Sunday, September 20, 2015

TIFF 2015: Equals

Equals stars Kristen Stewart (Nia) and Silas (Nicholas Hoult) as two drones in a world where emotion is completely repressed and people live healthy and beautiful, but sterile and meaningless lives. That world is disrupted by the spread of an illness: Switched On Syndrome (SOS) in which affected individuals' emotions are awakened, leading to anxiety and ultimately institutionalization and death. Nia and Silas both get the bug and then discover each other, and we watch them struggle with the implications of that. I'm not sure why I chose this film, as the story arc seemed pretty predictable, though I didn't see the whole Romeo and Juliet thing coming towards the end. Blah blah, humans are inherently emotional beings, blah blah, love conquers all, blah blah. This winds up down near the bottom of my list for the festival, just above Evolution.

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