Saturday, September 7, 2013

TIFF 2013: Prisoners (Really Excellent)

It was a soggy, rainy day, and I was feeling sad because I had broken my Kindle on my way to the subway. There was an enormous line-up, and I had to walk about 4 blocks to get to the end of it. By the time I got into the beautiful Princess of Wales theatre (normally a stage theatre, but like Roy Thompson Hall, it gets set up for TIFF), I was somewhat soggy (feet still dry though). I managed to find a decent seat close to the centre, near the back of the orchestra section, and settled in for film #2 of my series: Prisoners. Director Denis Villeneuve was introduced and said a few words, mainly about how it's a long film and you need to watch every minute, so there would be almost no chance to pop out to the bathroom without missing something important.

The film was much darker than Thursday's opener, telling the story of two young girls who go missing from their families' Thankgiving dinner, and the search for them by the police officer on the case and the father of one of the girls. There are suspects, twists, subplots and some violence, and the film kept me on the edge of seat throughout. Good performances, good story/plot, and overall a very good film.

Tomorrow things start to get busy, with 3 more movies!

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