Friday, September 13, 2013

The Right Kind of Wrong (Really Good)

A Canadian romantic comedy set in the beautiful mountain country of Alberta, The Right Kind of Wrong stars Ryan Kwanten as dishwasher and failed author Leo Palamino who, after seeing the bride (Sara Canning as Collette) at a wedding punt a football, decides that she's the one for him. It's a ridiculous and impossible quest, but Leo is the kind of guy who always does what seems right to him, no matter the consequences, and no matter who's looking. That drove away his wife, who is capitalizing on his foibles in her blog about them: Why You Suck. 

Leo is adorable, and we're mostly rooting for him despite thinking he is completely wasting his time. The antagonists are largely shallowly-drawn pricks, except for Collette's husband who actually tries to be a decent guy for most of the film (but we still don't like him). 

The message of the film is spelled out explicitly for us: some people seem to be wrong for each other, but sometimes it's just the right kind of wrong. I cared about the characters, enjoyed the laughs and reveled in the scenery. It's a fun film that might inspire you to take a crazy chance. 

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