Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm a Loser (and Happy About It!)

It has now been two weeks since I made my commitment to lose some weight, and so far the progress has been pretty good. I've lost 5 pounds, well ahead of the pound-a-week pace I need to stickk to. I know it won't likely be this easy for the rest of the weight, but I'm quite pleased. I've been exercising a lot more than I had been, adding a few times a week on my elliptical machine, and a few long walks each week to my rock climbing sessions. And I've been cutting back on the desserts and junk food. Nothing too extreme, which means these are changes I'm likely to be able to sustain after I reach my goal of 20 pounds lost over 20 weeks.


  1. congrats man! I've been doing that myself.. lost 17 pounds since december by working out every day & eating better. woot! :)

  2. Way to go John! It should be easy to keep it up on your upcoming trip, because you'll be busy and active.