Monday, September 12, 2016

TIFF 2016: Prevenge

I saw Alice Lowe at my first TIFF in 2012 in Sightseers, a delightful romp through the British countryside by her character and her screen husband turned serial killers. Prevenge is her return in another black comedy, starring as a pregnant woman driven to kill by the voice of her inborn child. Lowe also wrote and directed the film, and was actually seven months pregnant when filming it. 

Prevenge is a darker piece than Sightseers. In the earlier film, the killings are comic, starting off accidental until the couple kind of get into it. In Prevenge, the protagonist is deadly serious about seeking justice, and while most of her victims elicit little sympathy, the killing spree isn't quite as much fun.

Lowe (and her real-life baby) were present at the screening to speak a bit before the film and answer questions after. The film grew out of her feelings about pregnancy, and wanting to express that she really did feel like her body had been taken over by the baby in many ways. There is also a Twitter account Prevenge Baby that is stalking the festival, with some amusing observations.

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