Friday, January 15, 2010

A Good Anniversary

A year ago today I was laid off from my job as a software manager, when Autodesk eliminated 10% of their work force. I am celebrating this anniversary.

The past year has been a great adventure, as I've left behind a job and industry I had grown weary of, and thrown myself into a whole new world. I have learned a phenomenal amount (about climbing, business, construction and other things), and met a lot of great people. It's very exciting to be doing and creating something new.

A year ago:
  • CGI stood for Computer Graphics Imagery
  • I had just lost a job
  • I was facing a final pay cheque
  • my future was uncertain

  • CGI means I'm a Climbing Gym Instructor
  • I'm recruiting people to fill a large number of part-time positions (see
  • today was the first pay day for myself and my 2 full-time staff
  • we're looking forward to opening the doors of the new climbing gym in a little over 2 months
It's been a good change...


  1. How ironic, your link doesn't work in Internet Explorer, computers suck.

  2. Hey Anonymous (whoever you are...),

    I fixed the link (the ".com" suffix was missing). Though under some circumstances it didn't matter.


  3. I was reflecting on this anniversary myself. Now GPS, geocode, geofencing, and POI have meaning to me.

    I look forward to next year's anniversary of our graduation.

  4. Hi John,

    Congratulations on your new climbing business. I am amazed at how much you've accomplished in just one year. What a great change for you.


  5. Happy anniversary John!! Way to change your life. It's so exciting to to see your progress with the gym. It looks like an absolutely amazing facility, and so cool to see stuff arriving like the holds. Loved the panoramas too. We will certainly stop by next time we are in the true north.