Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Everything is Just Gym Dandy!

Things are really starting to happen with the new climbing gym, and it feels good. On Monday I was interviewed by the Climbing Hold Review web site; you can read that here. And next week the designer from Eldorado Climbing Walls will be in town for a site visit, and to get the design for the walls close to done. We'll be having a little open house at the site next Thursday evening, September 10th, starting at 7pm. Here are the details. Really it's just a chance to see the big ugly empty space before we start construction, and check out the location. Please do let me know if you plan to come, so I know how many to expect.

Today I rode my new bicycle to work for the first time. It's about 6km each way, which is short enough that I think I will actually do it fairly often. Sheppard Avenue wasn't quite as frightening as I expected (though there are a few rough spots at the edge of the road), and I've found a route that avoids it for most of the way. And after I got home I went out and bought a mirror, light, repair kit and tire pump!

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